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Topographic Mapping

Our survey team has extensive experience in obtaining and processing the data needed to accurately map existing site conditions to support your project.

Matrix Survey performs topographic mapping for a variety of projects, customizing both what is detailed in each survey and final deliverables, per client needs. We can employ various methods to obtain field data, which allows us to choose the best approach to address your specific project concerns. We are experienced with total stations and digital levels, GPS equipment, ground based LiDAR scanning, and UAS/drones.


  • Residential Development
  • Creek Improvements
  • Road Design/Redesign
  • Grade Verification Maps
  • Terrain Mapping
  • Contour Maps
  • 2D Planimetric Mapping
  • Digital Surface Creation
  • Existing Conditions Surveys
  • RFI Process Exhibits
  • Volume Analysis Survey, Construction
  • Stockpile Surveys, Production Analysis
  • SUE A, B & C Utility Surveys
  • ALTA/NSPS Production
  • Ground-based LiDAR Services
  • UAS/Drone Survey Services