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Wildfire Planning & Restoration

We work with communities to collectively plan and better respond during and after a wildfire disaster so that public health and safety are protected, critical infrastructure is identified, and flood risk is reduced.

Persistent drought and the impacts of climate change have led to numerous mega wildfires throughout the West. Wildfires are unique in that they are comprised of two separate natural disasters — first the wildfire then the floods that follow. We have worked with numerous agencies and coalitions to better plan before fires to mitigate imminent post-fire impacts, as well as assess watersheds after a wildfire. Our post-fire restoration designs are critical in setting watersheds on a pathway toward rejuvenation.   


  • Source Water Protection
  • Emergency Watershed Protection (EWP) Implementation
  • Stream Morphology & Assessment
  • Public Involvement
  • Value at Risk Assessments
  • Hazard Mitigation Planning