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Construction Management

Successful construction projects are well-managed, and effective construction management involves strong leadership, discipline, and direction.

In simple terms, construction management encompasses a broad spectrum of project management tasks, including pre-construction planning, procurement, contract administration, field services, and project closeout. Throughout the construction phase, many parties must coordinate efforts, and many processes and practices must be followed. As with any team effort, successful execution requires strong leadership, and our project managers exude the type of leadership that fosters the cohesion, direction, and discipline needed for winning projects. Our philosophy and leadership set Matrix apart from most construction management consultants who view construction management, not as a holistic endeavor, but as a technical service. We excel when construction management is integrated with our other design services throughout the entire lifecycle of a project. The cohesive effort of an integrated Matrix team unburdens the client from coordinating multiple consulting firms and results in the seamless and efficient delivery.