Our team of economists, analysts, engineers, and planners provide clients with a multidisciplinary approach to economic and financial analyses. We assist our federal, state, local, and private-sector clients in answering complex economic problems to help guide their decision-making processes. We use the most reliable data and advanced methodologies to ensure accurate findings. Every analysis is transparent and reproducible, and we provide each client with detailed reports that contain our methodologies, data sources, and findings / recommendations. Finally, we pride ourselves in utilizing web-based applications, which incorporate GIS technologies, to explore spatial relationships and patterns in our findings and link trends to land use distributions and other variables. The web-based applications make results visually meaningful and easily accessible to all community stakeholders and provide interactive datasets that can be updated for future relevance.

We enable informed decision-making, holistic planning, and strategic economic development that position clients for stable growth and support vibrant communities well into the future.


  • Economic and Fiscal Impact Assessment
  • Target Cluster Analysis
  • Workforce Supply / Demand Analysis
  • Demographic Profiles
  • Retail Sales Gap Analyses
  • Financial Modeling (Pro Forma)
  • Discount Cash Flow Analysis
  • Market Assessment (Demand for Residential and Commercial Product)
  • Market Research
  • Economic Development Consulting
  • Workforce Development Consulting
  • Spatial Analysis
  • Data visualization