Matrix provides a variety of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) services to support projects of all sizes and types. Matrix's GIS staff specializes in creative geospatial applications ranging from data analysis to custom tool development to high-quality exhibit preparation. Our team is proficient in photogrammetric analysis solutions for the characterization of drainageway stability and the creation of terrain models for watershed analysis, hydrologic modeling, and floodplain mapping.

A quality GIS platform ultimately leads to enhanced decision making throughout the project lifecycle. In response, our innovative team has developed a dynamic GIS-based data model utilized in the assessment of capital costs associated with proposed infrastructure improvements. This groundbreaking methodology has been proven to significantly increase the efficiency and accuracy of data analysis in the generation of capital cost estimates. 


  • Utility Modeling
  • UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems; aka Drones) Imagery, Videos, 3-D Models, LiDAR 
  • Hydrology and Hydraulics
  • GIS-Based Joint Land Use Study
  • Suitability Analysis/Site Selection
  • GIS-Based Infrastructure Cost Modeling
  • GIS-Based Environmental Services
  • Geometric Network Analysis
  • Custom Application Development
  • Data Modeling and Geodatabase Design
  • Web-Based Mapping
  • Raster Analysis
  • 3-D Visualization
  • Field Data Collection Solutions/Mobile GIS
  • Data QA/QC and Data Improvement
  • GIS Needs Assessments
  • High Quality Map Production
  • Training