Matrix Environmental Services, LLC (MES), a subsidiary of Matrix, was contracted to serve as Forest City Stapleton, Inc.’s environmental consultant during redevelopment. Matrix personnel have been involved in the management, planning, and execution of the following multi-disciplinary environmental services provided to Forest City and their legal counsel:

Due diligence services. MES is responsible for the review of documents related to prior environmental investigations at the site, developing risk-based remedial goals, evaluating the effectiveness of existing and proposed remedial programs in light of the development schedule, and preparing recommendations related to activities to consider prior to property purchase.

Site investigations. MES services for Forest City included planning, costing, and implementing investigations of soil, groundwater, surface water, sediment, and air to evaluate suitability of property for purchase and development.

Oversight and evaluation of remediation programs. MES reviewed the City and County of Denver’s work plans, Corrective Action Plans, field activities, and Corrective Action Implementation Reports for compliance with approved environmental standards, and Forest City’s overall development goals.

Coordination with legal counsel and state regulators. MES personnel work closely with Forest City legal counsel and state regulators to ensure proper documentation and closure letters are in place for known environmental contamination prior to property transfer.

Cost modeling, district formation, and financing evaluations. Matrix prepared the Version “E” cost model for Forest City for the entire Stapleton project, assisted in the formation of special Districts for the project, and has continually updated financial budgets and forecasts for the program.
Engineering planning, infrastructure planning and design, stormwater design, and other civil engineering consulting services.