Matrix Design Group was selected to update Walton County, Florida’s Land Development Code and Comprehensive Plan. The intent of the updates was to eliminate inconsistencies and redundancies, provide clarification, and ensure that the Plan and Code are user-friendly and consistent with each other.  The revised Plan and Code are written to assist Walton County in achieving a high-quality built environment while preserving and enhancing the natural environment.  In addition, Matrix was charged with ensuring that the Plan promotes the original development vision of the County, which is the creation of a town and village concept.  Matrix the Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Code updates include the following:

  • Rewrite portions of the Land Development Code for clarity and consistency,
  • Restructure the Land Development Code for ease of use,
  • Rewrite portions and elements of the Comprehensive Plan,
  • Ensure the Comprehensive Plan promotes the original development vision of the County, and
  • Evaluate the Land Development Code to determine if a hybrid land use approach could be utilized whereby Euclidean zoning could be combined with form-based codes or a Transect planning approach,
  • Facilitate public meetings and incorporate input from the community into the Plan and Code updates.

Services Include: