Like many communities in the Central Valley, the City of Woodland has a charming and historic downtown that was trying to adjust to changing circulation patterns, shopping needs, and employment opportunities. The City wanted a plan that would guide City and private efforts along a unified path towards revitalization and reinvestment.

Two major projects were completed for the downtown district. For the overall area, the planning team worked with the public, downtown merchants, Yolo County, and City staff to update the specific plan for the downtown area, addressing in-fill and mixed-use development, public spaces, reuse of automobile sales lots, historic preservation, circulation and parking, market potential and fiscal impacts, and government employment centers.

In addition to the specific plan update, the planning team also prepared a detailed master plan for a twenty-seven acre site in the downtown area that would eventually house a new police station and community center. The success of these planning efforts is apparent in the results. Within two years of plan adoption, a key office complex at the entrance to the downtown was completed using the layout described in the specific plan. Within the same time period, the City has also completed the new police station and the first phase of street furniture improvements.

The key to the success of these plans was the extensive and varied public participation program. Several interactive workshops and a project storefront on Main Street encouraged involvement by merchants and the public alike.

Services Included:

  • Downtown Master Plan
  • Revitalization
  • Public Involvement