In 2011, the Government of Guam began a planning process to identify new policies, programs, and facilities needed to implement a 20-year Zero Waste Master Plan to chart a course toward waste minimization and environmental sustainability. The development of a plan of this nature was an absolute necessity due to a solid waste infrastructure management system in crisis with limited landfill space, high disposal costs, and an impending significant population increase due to the U.S. Department of Defense’s plans to build-up the military’s presence on the island.

During the development of Guam’s Zero Waste Plan, Matrix Design Group, Inc. (Matrix) conducted an assessment of public and private solid waste infrastructure on the island. We completed an extensive data collection, review and assessment effort and created GIS-based maps of existing solid waste infrastructure. A decision framework model for evaluating the most urgent solid waste infrastructure needs was developed, and 20 different zero waste initiatives were selected for a detailed financial and technical implementation feasibility analysis. In 2013, Matrix submitted a Business Plan based on a 20-year implementation scenario with a combination of public and public-private partnerships and funding and phasing recommendations for implementing the Guam Zero Waste Plan.